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Consciousness can be generated by the process of computation! This is the claim of neuroscientists and computer scientists. However, the Vedic literature provides a clear idea that conscious by its nature is not a matter and hence it cannot be generated by any kind of complex computation that is due to matter. This blog is to explore the science of consciousness from Vedic perspective.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Source of Intelligence: does it come by evolution or it is designed

I built that. Figaro the cockatoo needed a tool to fetch 
a nut--so he invented one.  Credit: Alice Auerspergtion
Today I read an article on innovative Cockatoo titled "The Innovative Cockatoo: Figaro Invents, Makes, and Uses a Tool" published in Science magazine  on how a parrot could get a peanut kept in normally unreachable but visible place to eat. He could thought of an innovative ways to getting it using a tool-a stick.  This is really an interesting phenomenon which is something different from the known facts about the parrot or any other animal. Although parrot are known for many smart work; they could learn or mimic languages and they could select a certain object from group etc. However I think this is for the first time I am seeing that a parrot could invent a technology which could solve his problem of getting the food item.  Although there are other smarter animals who does really amazing work, for example dolphin. Dolphin is known to be an animals who learns thing very first. 

In the comment section of the article there are few discussions where people have been talking about the origin of intelligence. Some of them have commented that it is inbuilt and designed by intelligent designer and others have  refuted it by saying that it has evolved in due course of time according to the theory of evolution.  Some one in comment section has asked for the proof on both the design and the evolution. There was no answer to that question, some said it is not yet know and research into it is challenging. The question of origin for any problem is really a thought provoking question and one may just feel awe. For example, scientist have been looking for "the origin of life"  from last 200 years, yet there is  no established solution to that problem. Extensive research is still going on around the universities. Similarly we do not know "the origin of universe". Many theory have been proposed however till now there is no faithful results, many issues are yet to be resolved.

Very similar to the problem of the origin of life and universe, the problem of "the origin of intelligence" is equally challenging. Here I am going to present an alternative model on origin of intelligence that is gifted by ancient sages of  India to the humanity. Vedic literature a gift of great sages of India are very well known among the people of intellectual class. Every great scientist must have looked at it in some point of his research life. Some accept it and some does not. It gives us a completely new model which is different from what we have been thinking in terms of evolution and intelligent design. In this article I am not elaborating either of the earlier ideas of intelligent design and evolution on origin of the intelligence. I shall present the Vedic model based on my own understanding.  

The Vedic model of intelligence classify the matter and spirit- a non matter conscious entity as two different entity. There are two different type of communication model through which the knowledge transmission takes place between spirit and matter. There is a source of knowledge which is in the spiritual realm know as supreme spirit or super soul. The second spiritual entity which is the receiver of intelligence is also situated in the realm of spirituality. Both the super soul and the soul are situated in spiritual realm and their nature is non-material. These two entity are also called as conscious entity. Apart from the spirit there is a material realm. In material realm there are again two type of material- one is subtle and other is gross. The subtle material elements are Mind, Intelligence(here I call this as intelligence device), and False Ego. The gross material entity are Perceptual senses and Physical body which includes brains and other sophisticated cells in our body. There is detail description of each of these things on how they interact with other, you refer a book on Life Matter and Their Interaction, T D Singh, Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata.  Here I will focus how the intelligence is transmitted from super soul to soul and further the soul exhibits the received intelligence  through subtle and gross matters namely intelligence, mind- these are subtle matter, senses, and then to brain to physical organs- these are gross matter. 

By definition the ultimate source of knowledge is super soul. The super soul is a person not an ordinary person but the supreme person with full of knowledge of everything that exist in the entire cosmos. The supreme person has a wonderful quality known as mercy. By his causeless mercy the supreme person enlighten the soul whenever there is a crying(this is kind of intense request) from the soul. The soul on the other hand is a requester. Whenever and whatever the soul needs for his satisfaction he cry for that. By listening the kind request from soul the super soul grants the demand requested by soul. In this way the communication of intelligence takes place. This communication is known as primary communication. The secondary communication takes place when the soul exhibits the received intelligence through subtle and gross matter. The first element who directly interact with the soul is intelligent device which that communicate to mind and then the mind communicate to brain and then brain activate difference organs.  
How to look at this model from intelligent design and evolution perspective is second important question?  In the following articles I will be trying to ponder over this question with more technical detail of the proposed model. 
Jaynarayan, Bangalore, India

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