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Consciousness can be generated by the process of computation! This is the claim of neuroscientists and computer scientists. However, the Vedic literature provides a clear idea that conscious by its nature is not a matter and hence it cannot be generated by any kind of complex computation that is due to matter. This blog is to explore the science of consciousness from Vedic perspective.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

When Will We Have an Exascale Supercomputer? - IEEE Spectrum

Here is what my thought goes on exascale computing machine for which computer professors around the world are endeavoring/dreaming of. 

We are on the path of infinite lane. The quest for knowledge(something that is fun to us) takes us, guides us or misguides us and makes us to walk on that lane. 

 There was a day when we never had anything like computer. Now we are in the quest  for exascale system. We have trust on machine. We believe that machine
makes our life easier and faster. We want to solve some problems. We want to know the future right now. We are preparing ourselves for the future to come such that we can survive with happiness. We are looking for happiness in each and every moment. We pay price for that and have to pay there is no free lunch in this Nature. Where are we heading? We have already made much advancement in terms of science and technology yet we see many many miseries around the world. We are also planning to escape the miseries on this Earth and wanted to have nice home at Marsor Moon. Are we sure that the similar problem will not arise over there? No, we are not sure of that, we have however some faith because we wanted somehow or other a happy life. Our journey is actually to search the happiness, the lasting happiness. We never wanted to suffer. However the reality is turning out to be something else, each and every moment we find something miserable is happening in this earth. Our day to day life is actually becoming more and more fearful, we are not certain that our happy life now will still last till evening. Technology and science which indeed has given us lot of hope that it will deliver the need of our life. However we see that the science and technology are giving us a lot many trouble of different kind. Technological defects, human error, over utilization of machines, improper utilization of machines are actually causing us pain and suffering. Lot many problems can be listed, one among them is the giant global warming and nuclear weapons . Where we have went wrong? Have we missed something? We must look back our science and must reformulate the goal of science and technology.

We may one day build a exascale computing machine, and I am sure sooner or later it is to come. But we must learn that the problem that we are going to solve using such machines must be in aligned with the goal of human life. I am again and again emphasizing the "goal of human life" because that is what is our goal. The goal of human is very very important, once we become sure of the goal we no longer remain confused. We the people in scientific community must be open minded to explore the knowledge system available in other realm. There are knowledge system followed by the sages of ancient India to learn the truth-we do not want to suffer yet we are forced to do so, why? The Vedic system of knowledge however is different from our current science. The Vedic system of knowledge is holistic. The purpose of life is well defined. Rest of the knowledge are supplement to the primary knowledge that is the goal of life. The utility of knowledge is well defined. The sages knew very well that what is meant for what and for whom. Science will be benefited by integrating the Vedic system of knowledge into its current scientific paradigm.

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