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Consciousness can be generated by the process of computation! This is the claim of neuroscientists and computer scientists. However, the Vedic literature provides a clear idea that conscious by its nature is not a matter and hence it cannot be generated by any kind of complex computation that is due to matter. This blog is to explore the science of consciousness from Vedic perspective.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Life as I Understand

Life is certainly not as easy as we might think. It can take you through its own preprogrammed course of path. It is very difficult (actually very very difficult). It requires mercy, none of any other things will work, to get into the correct track, which will lead you to the ultimate measure of happiness. Life is altogether a different journey. It is such a kind of journey where none will be with you except the supreme lord. In the path of life's journey although there could be many friends such as, your own body, mind, and intellect. However, all these associates could be your friends or could be your enemy. Therefore, a genuine uncertainty prevails whether they are currently as your friends or enemy. Moreover, each of them are capable of reproducing a multiple number of the either friends or enemies. The most surprising part of this is at any point of time, with infinite uncertainty, one will never know who is enemy and who is a friend. In such a situation the only hope is the mercy of supreme lord Jagannatha.  

I pray therefore to my worshipable lord Jagannatha that dear lord may you be kind enough upon me to  help me in the path of life. I am suffering unbearable distress and you are only my hope. I have learned from my teacher that you are so merciful and you always protect whoever comes to you. May your kindness be upon me my lord, may our kindness be upon me.

Jaynarayan, Bangalore, India

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