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Consciousness can be generated by the process of computation! This is the claim of neuroscientists and computer scientists. However, the Vedic literature provides a clear idea that conscious by its nature is not a matter and hence it cannot be generated by any kind of complex computation that is due to matter. This blog is to explore the science of consciousness from Vedic perspective.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Premature Ideas and Thought in Process

Simultaneous of Existence of Multiple Fundamental Elements:

More fundamental than work is force, more than force is movement, more that movement is change, more than change is #time....Time definitely seems to be a fundmental quantity among many. The theory should be that of the theory of multiple fundamental quantities existing parallelly for an eternal time. The creation which we see as our universe therefore must be a transient appearance due to coming together of multiple such fundamental quantities. This direction needs exploration. let's look for whether this could be one of the possibilities. Existence of multiple irreducible fundamental elements. Why would this make sense? What kind of math can capture such a theory? Do we have any evidence for that?

Knowledge and Ignorance:

Knowledge and ignorance are so subtle that our mind can play and flip them as if the one would seem to b like the other. And, the most dangerous is when we accept ignorance as knowledge with a pinch of ego. It may be ok so far to remain ignorant but it is extremely dangerous to accept ignorance as knowledge and being falsely proud of it. A knowledgeable is one who understands that he is in ignorance. One who is really in knowledge would develop a very important quality of humility (and in fact this is the only outcome of pursuing knowledge)- being a humble person from within.
There could be six kinds of person:
- One who is in knowledge and is humble
- One who is in knowledge but has pride of having knowledge
- One who is not in knowledge but consider himself to be knowledgeable
- One who holds ignorance as knowledge (very dangerous)
- One who is in ignorance but does not know he is in ignorance
- One who is in ignorance but knows he in ignorance
Among these, the first and last persons are the fit for knowledge.


Two ideas: - scalability generally is inversely proportional to quality;
- computation and mathematics have the capabilities to voyage into the subtle world of this nature.
Generally, it is observed that scalability does not go well with quality, the moment one tries to scale-up the things the quality gets affected. Therefore, the right kind of problem to solve is can we have a kind of mathematical model which reverse the process, means, the quality also gets magnified as the scalability increase.
The second thought: computation and mathematics have the capabilities to take us to the world which is subtle and possibly can take us to the world which is of different nature than the one we have currently. The reason is that these two fields teach us to abstract the things which are located or functional in different domains. The process of abstraction builds a kind of bridge between these different domains which also can be seen as the layered reality.
Will be elaborated more!

Rotation and Circularity:

The rotation has so close relation with the circular share. nature is so meticulously designed. rotation is most efficient if the shape is circular. uniformity around the perimeter. have a look at the cosmos and you will find that the planets move or rotate in #circular orbit, have a look at the bottom the tiniest structure of an #atom, the electron revolves around the nucleus in a path that is nearly circular. ....... the #shape that dictates action... #physics #philosophy


we will discuss on the root cause of #variation that we witness in each and everything that is being done by human beings. Why there is no exact perfection and why in everything we see variation? It essentially hints at the existence of more fundamental elements and its properties. When we build a thing, the first step we take is to plan a kind of mental and intellect exercise. And, then the next step we take is to execute to realize the plan. The process of realization or implementation has to go through a series of steps further to reach at the point of satisfaction. The point of satisfaction is defined as that point where the designer feel satisfied witht he end product. And the point of satisfaction indicates that the realized outcome is somewhat as expected to the envisaged one. However, in many cases, it has been observed, and now it is being looked at as a basic limitation that there exists some degree of variation between the expected one and the realized one. Why it is so ? that is a big question. The same also has observed in the field of semiconductor manufacturing which we called as variation effect. This intriguing question is from that observation. Why there is always some degree of variation? We will investigate the problem and search for the problem to this problem. #freewill #physics #computation #philosophy #Vedanta


Time is so mysterious so far to us that it seems it is more fundamental than anything else science has discovered. The Vedic sages have offered some of the profound understandings on time and now its time for science to investigate such findings and synthesize it with the contemporary methodology of doing science to reach at the perfect understanding. Is time is that which imposes movement and changes? Everything in this world is subjected to change, and that change is something needed to be investigated thoroughly. #vedictime #time #physics #force

Ref: The Physics and Philosophy of Time - with Carlo Rovelli, Youtube Seminar, The Royal Institution

We will continue to post the thoughts that would stimulate further investigation and detail work. 


Tirupati, India

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