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Consciousness can be generated by the process of computation! This is the claim of neuroscientists and computer scientists. However, the Vedic literature provides a clear idea that conscious by its nature is not a matter and hence it cannot be generated by any kind of complex computation that is due to matter. This blog is to explore the science of consciousness from Vedic perspective.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Consciousness as a foundation for Happiness

What drives us? In our day-to-day activities what drives us is happiness. Happiness is so basic to us that we have rarely attempted to ask this question that what exactly is the happiness? However as time pass and society experience turmoil and tough situations, we tend to address this question on why are we suffering?Why the happiness which is the intrinsic need seems to so rare and impossible? Why the suffering has become predominant over happiness? Such questions has probably led to a systematic study of happiness. The UC Berkely course on happiness address the content related to happiness. 

A link to the course:

We would like to address the same problem in light of Bhagavatam and Vedic wisdom. What and How the Vedic literature has addressed the same problem? What kind of solution it offers and how does it make sense in the current time? We will post our analysis and understanding here in the further articles. 

Jaynarayan, Bangalore, India

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please take out some time and watch this videos, they will surely give you a new perspective. The person who is talking in the videos, he is self realised person, he will tell about himself in his videos in more detail, but more important is his knowledge which he is sharing about this universe, nature (prakriti) and our true nature (nature of soul).

I felt like this information needs to reach you.